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Warm Roof is a revolutionary tiled conservatory roofing system that replaces your old glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a stylish and more energy efficient tiled roof, reducing noise and keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Why replace your conservatory roof?

For lots of people it is a similar issue, they simply love their conservatory but it’s either too hot, too cold or too noisy. Most of the issues are down to one element, the roof.

So by replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a stylish tiled roof you don’t just improve the appearance, you now have a fully insulated soundproofed roof that is exactly what you always wanted.


Extra living space

Once you’ve had your new roof, you’ll be able to turn your conservatory into whatever you want, a family dining room or kitchen extension, a playroom, library, home study or office, games room, TV lounge, it could even be a ground floor bedroom. All of a sudden it’s a full-time living area instead of being a part-time compromise.



Stylish and Solid

By removing your old conservatory and replacing it with a tiled roof you’ll completely change the appearance of the rear of your home and garden. Now, your conservatory will look just like a proper extension and by choosing tiles that match your house and then possibly adding one or more roof windows you’ll be getting all the benefits of a ground floor extension along with the convenience and style of a conservatory.


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Why Replace Your Conservatory Roof? Why Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

Why Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

A conservatory can be too hot during the summer months and too cold during the winter months making spending too much time in them uncomfortable and reducing them to an occasional use room.

This issue however, can be solved by replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a new stylish, hardwearing and energy efficient tiled roof and coverting this occasional room into multipel purpose everyday room.


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